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RichEdit - toolbar not appear

Today I had a case when it does not appear RichEdit Toolbar. 
It was at customer office on a single computer with Windows XP and InternetExplorer 8 ..... 

What determines in this case, the possibility to use the Toolbar.


  • Rich text editor we use doesn't support IE 8. We're on the tail end of dropping IE 8 support.
  • The rich text editor is Redactor.  Which is a .js provided by
    So I would say the ability to execute javascript.
  • Thanks for the info. 
    I have another question whether the configuration of osTicket only this option: 
    "Ticket Settings and Options / Enable HTML Ticket Thread"

    is responsible for activating the RichEdit Toolbar? 

    Is this function may be dependent on the specific server environment in which osTicket  is installed ?

  • Yes, Admin panel -> Settings -> Tickets -> Enable HTML Ticket Thread toggles if the Rich HTML editor is utilized.
  • Is that normal when user which want to post ticket without login but only via website portal, can not change color for text ?

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