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User account confirmation link broken (v1.9.4-rc1)

When a user creates their account via the 'Create an account' link they receive an email notifying them that they must confirm the account by selecting a link provided in that email. I've found that in some email systems this link works (Gmail) and in others it does not (Outlook, Hotmail). What happens is that the link is broken up onto multiple lines in the email and when you select the link it doesn't use all the text in the links (see screen capture below).

Any idea how to fix this? Some users may not realize that if they copy the whole link and paste it into their browser the link will work.

I've got HTML ticket threads disabled as I've found that there is too much junk (extra carriage returns, etc.) that shows up in the threads. Perhaps this is related to the link being broken into two pieces?


  • edited September 2014
    As a reminder 1.9.4rc1 is a release candidate, and should not be run in a production environment.  That being said, rc2 is out, and I'm expecting rc3 any day now.  I would recommend upgrading to the current beta version and seeing if you still have a problem.
  • I understand the issues around the beta version - I have very limited number of users and am just testing the client interface. I am also performing very regular backups. Thanks for the tip on rc2 and rc3. I'll give that a try.
  • rc3 has been released btw. :)  Please let me know if you still have a problem.
  • I just installed rc3 and I still have the same problem with the new user confirmation link. When the new user sets up their account and they receive an email requesting they confirm by clicking the link the link is broken (it's in two pieces - as described above).

    Should this go to GitHub?
  • Yup.  Please.
  • This issue is now up on GitHub:

    User account confirmation link broken (v1.9.4-rc3) #1342

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