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Attachments working from admin / not for clients

Hi there,

I have browsed the forum however I haven't seen such a problem so far.

Let me explain my issue.

OsTicket 1.6 installed.

Attachments have been set up.
All file formats accepted.
Directory is 777 under the scp/ folder.

What IS working
As a staff member, I can reply to a ticket with an attachment. The customer can successfully get the attachment directly with the email.

What is NOT working

Clients cannot post any answer with attachments.
So, when they answer directly from their email client (as we have activated POP3 fetching), no attachment is being accepted or visible.

Same situation from OsTicket client area. A link is provided is every email to let the client answer from the osticket platform. Normally, file attachment is offered just after the message field.

From MAC : I can see a Browse button, I can click on it and select the file I want to upload. But, when I try to click on send the message, the file in the attachment field disappeared and the message is not being sent.:confused:

So from client side, no upload possible at all, neither from email client or from client's area.

Does somebody has any suggestion ? I have no error message. That's even more strange.:eek:

I hope to read you soon and thanks for OsTickets which is sincerely a good script.



  • Hi guys

    I have the exactly same problem with our osTicket helpdesk.
    Does anybody has any idea how to resolve this issue?

    From the server side everything seems to be fine. No error messages at all, permissions are correct etc.

    Now i was also thinking in DNS-side issues, for example MX or TXT records... But there, I don't think so that anything could make trouble. Indeed, the php scripts are the uploader themselfes...

    Thanks in advance!
  • Have you ticked the options " Allow online attachments" and "Allow email attachments" in Control Panel > Configuration > Attachments?
  • Yes, I did. The only option that is NOT checked there is "Authenticated users Only. (User must be logged in to upload files)".

    That's why I don't get the issue...
  • This is also happening for me. I have selected all relevant checkboxes, yet attachments are not being added to the ticket when a user replies by email, and there's no indication to the customer or support staff that the attachment just vanishes. :confused:

    This is preventing us from going live with osTicket for support.
  • We switched from using the email API to fetching via IMAP and now attachments show up when customers email them. There's definitely a bug in the API functionality.
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