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Upgrader / Upgrade process

Hey @peter @jared,

just did an upgrade from 1.9.4-RC2 to RC3 and had some troubles with the upgrader. Since I never used the upgrader before (started with 1.9.x and since then nothing changed in the database until the 1.9.4 betas) this is the first feedback I can give on the upgrader.

I really like the message bar shown on top of the scp "Upgrade pending" and also that you will automatically be redirected after login into scp to the upgrader page. Unfortunately that's all on the positive side, but let me explain why.

Starting the upgrade process was pretty easy (just need to click on a button), then it took a few seconds and told me that there were errors and the upgrade was not applied successfully or only partly or was applied successfully but throw an error - actually I feel like standing in the rain here since I definitely miss some additional info :(

Ok, so let's have a look at the system logs in the dashboard. Hmmm ... now the upgrader / upgrade tab disappeared and if I manually open the "upgrade.php" it tells me that there is nothing to do since I am already up to date. Hmmm... okay let's have a look at the system log, restore the database and try again.

What I expected in that case and think would be nice is a simple "task list" (maybe hidden by default for Average Joe but available when you click on it thru a popup window or spoiler opening) what the upgrader will do, has done and where it failed / stopped in case of an error. I know there is the system log, but as mentioned above, after that the upgrader disappeared and manually re-opening the "upgrade.php" told me that I am already up to date (even though I guess I am not). So basically that the I / the osticket admin knows where the upgrade failed and if e.g. only 1% was done of the upgrade process or 99% was done - hope you know what I mean. Doesn't need to be fancy or so maybe something like:

Upgrade: SQL ost_status entry #1 - DONE (or the green checking arrow)
Details: (clickable link which opens a spoiler or a popup window with the details,e.g. the SQL query: INSERT INTO ost_ticket_status SET id = 1, name = 'Open', state = 'open', mode = 3, sort = 1;)

Upgrade: SQL ost_status entry #2 - DONE
Click here for Details

Upgrade: SQL ost_forms entry #1 - DONE
Click here for Details

Upgrade: SQL ost_status entry #3 - FAILED
Click here for Details

Upgrade: SQL ost_test entry #1 - NOT EXECUTED
Click here for Details

Upgrade: SQL ost_status entry #2 - NOT EXECUTED
Click here for Details

Additionally the log messages of the DB error at the upgrader page itself with a link to your support and/or the community would also be a great thing as well as that the upgrader remembers the state of the upgrade (what was already done, what needs to be done) so you can continue later (after you solved the error(s) that may appear), especially if it's something easy like deleting a duplicate entry from the database first.

Hope you understand and the upgrade process will be improved a little bit since it's basically that you don't really know what happens, which is ok, when everthing goes fine, but is not so good when something goes wrong.


PS: In case someone comes across to search for the solution how to handle the upgrade failure from 1.9.4-RC2 to RC3, have a look here:


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