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"I'm an agent - sign in here"

There should be separate settings for registration required/method for end user and staff. Or there should be a separate checkbox which will determine whether or not the agent login is shown.

Current settings:
Registration Required: Require registration and login to create tickets
Registration Method:  Public - Anyone can register

This isn't exactly what I want. My setup is linked with AD so I don't want anyone to be able to register. Unfortunately when I change the Registration Method to Private or Disabled, there is no longer a link that says "I'm an agent - sign in here."

This seems like somewhat of a bug and a suggestion.


  • edited September 2014
    Why don't you easily place the link on top of the landing page?

    We did this by an not visible table for the first row with the "Welcome to the support center" heading:

    Welcome to the Support Center

    I'm an agent! Beam me up to the staff panel / admin area.
    In order to streamline support requests ....

    So, the registration method can be private / disabled and there is still a link for all the agents / admins
  • Thanks for the reply. Thats a great idea and I'll do that for the time being. Not sure why I didnt think of that
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