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ticket_id and ticketID do not always correspond - after migration

Hi all,
First,thanks for this great software!

We are using version OST 1.7 on CentOS 6.5 with apache 2.2 and mysql distr 5.1.  

This last weekend I migrated our existing OST install to a new server.  At the time of the migration there were to versions of the tables in the same database.  I was unaware that the table prefix didn't necessarily guarantee that the data would only be written to the specified prefix tables, it seems the first tables in alpha/numeric order are used.  So I quickly deleted the extra tables.  

However, since the migration there have been a few email notifications of tickets that have incorrect ticket_id values.  
Following these links either go to a non-existent ticket or an older unrelated ticket that is closed.  

I believe I've broken the order between the random ticketID and the next ticket_id.  

I realize that this information is a bit abstract, I've not provided any logs(because the software appears to be working normally).
But I'm hoping that someone in the community has seen this kind of issue before and can offer some ideas on how I can resync these fields or at least proceed with further troubleshooting.



  • 1.7 is pretty ancient at this point.  I dont know anyone who is running it anymore, and I do not have a 1.7 installation to test on.  It sounds to me like you should wipe out the database and restore from back up.
  • Thanks for a quick answer!  I gathered that 1.7 was old by reading other entries here in the forum.... and I don't think we've applied any of the patches, here.  However, starting over isn't an option at this time.

    What I'll do is modify the template emails to reflect a link to the simple search using the ticket ID / %{ticket.number}, since this only seems to be an issue in the links generated for the emails.{ticket.number}&basic_search=Search

    and then review a fresh install with my directors.
  • Not really a fresh install (as in my mind that would indicate a removal of all the tickets, etc). 
    I'm suggesting a wipe of the database and a restore from the version that you migrated over from the old server.
    It sounds to me like you did a new install (db setup included), and then tried to migrate the data.
    I want you to nuke the database, and re migrate the old database to the new server.
    Also make sure that you copy the old /include/ost-config.php (or was it ostconfig.php in 1.7... hrm, I forget)
  • I do understand.  I did not reinstall when I migrated.  I moved the files to the new server, along with include/ostconfig and performed a mysqldump and scp'd the db-dump to the new server, then created the db with a new db name (being sure to modify in ostconfig) and ran the sql dump into that new db.
    Restoring the database from before last weeks move would necessitate loosing new tickets.  Unless I'm wrong.  Please enlighten me if I am.
  • Then I have no idea why your installation is acting weird then.

    Yes you would lose any new tickets.
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