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Best Hosting Provider for Osticket? Bluehost, Hostgator ?


I am currently using godaddy and need to switch my hosting provider, since they don't support PHP IMAP mail extension.

I checked with bluehost and they said they support it in their shared hosting plan.

Has anyone used bluehost for hosting osticket? I don't know about hostgator yet.

Or maybe if you could tell me which hosting provider supports all the features to use osticket (including PHP Imap mail extension! - most important!)

Thank you


  • Best?  I honestly do not have an answer for you about the best.  We host two instances internally.

    I personally think that self hosting is a really good choice (if you have the expertise in house to setup, configure, and maintain a server running Apache, PHP, MySQL).  osTicket does offer a hosted version which you can scope out at:

  • At work we use Blue Host.  I absolutely hate them.  There are always outages and we continually get 500 errors and have to manually refresh the screen to get past them.  For my personal stuff I use Digital Ocean they are cloud based and un-managed. 
  • /Agree with @ntozier

    When you can make it your own, host it yourself. Otherwise I would also recommend to use the osticket's own hosting offer - best you can do since they shall know best how to host osticket properly. ;)
  • Even though I have the expertise to host it on my own,  I don't nearly have a good internet connection to support the bandwidth.

    Guess am going to stick with godaddy after what @1QuickSI told me. Cuz I rarely get any outages with godaddy

    I'll upgrade my plan and post back here with the result.
  • Digital Ocean's Pricing  looks good too. @1QuickSI how is the reliability / uptime?

    I use uptimerobot to monitor my godaddy servers.
  • We use hostgator. Reliable and cheap. ~99% uptime. Got 500 error only twice lasting max of 2 hrs over a 15month period.

  • I have also setup osT on HostGator... but it was just a test bed and it didn't see much use since it was for testing/documentation only.
  • yaqyaq
    edited October 2014
    @Raj, 2 hours downtime is VERY HIGH! With godaddy I have had outages maybe a max of 10 minutes in 12 months period.

    So far I am hearing a lot of good things about Digital Ocean. and Will probably go with them , unless someone here changes my mind
  • @yaq, good luck.

    I only go for ones that use cPanel. Easy to switch hosts.
  • Except for their planned outages for system maintenance, I have had zero outages in the roughly 2 years I have been with them.  I run 2 servers.  One for MySQL database and the other is the web server.  This is the first host I have been with that I can honestly recommend without reservation.  Feel free to contact me if you want to discuss this further.
  • yaqyaq
    edited October 2014

    How often do they have planned outages? because I can't suffer any downtime, which is why ive been stuck with godaddy shared hosting for my websites as their uptime is almost 99.99%. 
  • If you look here:
    You will see all the events.  Most of them have zero impact to the droplets/servers.
    I run my "important" stuff on Digital Ocean.  GoDaddy has all my sites that I play with or I am flipping.
  • Most of them have zero impact to the droplets/servers. I run my "important" stuff on Digital Ocean.  
    I am going to give them a shot. If what you say is true, then its definitely worth it. It is good that they seem transparent about issues and publish it on their website.

    I am going to move all websites from godaddy to DO tomorrow.
    What VPS would you recommend? I have a total of 6 domains with a combined visitors of approximately 30,000 per month. And I will now be running OSticlet and Piwik Analytics software. You think the $10 / month will be enough on CENTOS? I have been running all this on godaddy shared hosting with no problems till now
  • HG, GoDaddy or Bluehost would be my top picks here. image
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