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IE 11 Hangs in ticket preview after clicking on an action

I'm getting a hung browser window In IE 11, althought it works in IE9 and Firefox 30 and 32. I Logged in as a staff member, go to Tickets tab, hover over a ticket number and a popup with ticket preview information shows up.
Along the bottom of the popup is a row of actions:    " Thread (1) | Notes (1) | Reply | Assign | Transfer | Post Note | Edit Ticket"

I've attached a screen capture: ostickethang.jpg

When I click on any of the actions (I like Transfer) the window hangs.  The screen fades out, the popup goes away, but it never completes any action, and Clicking anywhere in the browser window does nothing. If I hit the backspace key, the Tickets listing becomes active again.  If I right click on Transfer (or one of the other links) and copy the URL, I can paste it into the address bar and it works fine.

I've done this on two separate computers running windows 7 and IE11. I've tried with and without compatibility mode.  On the same computers Firefox works ok. On a different windows 7 computer with IE 9, it also works fine.

So...suggestions?  Is it a bug? Is any else able to duplicate this issue? Is it just me and I need to change something in IE11?

Here's my setup:
osTicket version: v1.9.3 (bba9ccc) on Ubuntu 12.04.1
Plugin: LDAP Authentication and Lookup, authenticating against Active Directory on Win Server 2003 R2
Apache/2.2.22 (Ubuntu). MySQL Version 5.5.38
PHP Version 5.3.10-1ubuntu3.14. IMAP c-Client Version 2007e



  • edited October 2014
    I can confirm this bug with Windows 8.1 and IE 11.

    Going to open a github issue (since I guess it's an issue).

    Nothing to see btw. in the PHP / web server log.


  • I found a post titled "Do not blur() the BODY in Internet Explorer" from Val Besshaposhnikov at

    In my reported case the affected file was /ost/upload/js/jquery.pjax.js
     I wrapped the original line in the if statement from Val's post, like so:
       if (document.activeElement && document.activeElement.node!='BODY')
    That seems to have fixed as it no longer hangs in IE11, and still works in FireFox 32 and IE9

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