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Table 'gift_support.ost_ticket_lock' doesn't exist

Hello Guys,
                    I am using osticket 1.7, and i get this message in regular inverval of time, my front section is working properly, but in admin section when try to check open tickets, it doesn't open also closed tickets doesn't open. Following is the error that i got.  Second thing yesterday, i upgraded the system from 1.7 to 1.9 but still having problem, open and closed tickets are not opening, please check them and tell me the issue.

[SELECT  ticket.*, lock_id, dept_name, priority_desc  ,IF( IS NULL, NULL, DATE_ADD(ticket.created, INTERVAL sla.grace_period HOUR)) as sla_duedate  ,count(attach.attach_id) as attachments  FROM ost_ticket ticket  LEFT JOIN ost_department dept ON (ticket.dept_id=dept.dept_id)  LEFT JOIN ost_sla sla ON ( AND sla.isactive=1)  LEFT JOIN ost_ticket_priority pri ON (ticket.priority_id=pri.priority_id)  LEFT JOIN ost_ticket_lock tlock ON (ticket.ticket_id=tlock.ticket_id AND tlock.expire>NOW())  LEFT JOIN ost_ticket_attachment attach ON (ticket.ticket_id=attach.ticket_id)  WHERE ticket.ticket_id=47 GROUP BY ticket.ticket_id]

Table 'gift_support.ost_ticket_lock' doesn't exist

Thanks in advance


  • Sounds like you are missing a table: ost_ticket_lock.

    Here's the code to create it:
    CREATE TABLE `%TABLE_PREFIX%ticket_lock` (
      `lock_id` int(11) unsigned NOT NULL auto_increment,
      `ticket_id` int(11) unsigned NOT NULL default '0',
      `staff_id` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL default '0',
      `expire` datetime default NULL,
      `created` datetime NOT NULL,
      PRIMARY KEY  (`lock_id`),
      UNIQUE KEY `ticket_id` (`ticket_id`),
      KEY `staff_id` (`staff_id`)

    Of course you would want to change %TABLE_PREFIX% to your table prefix, which appears to be ost_.
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