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[SKIN] 120 Productions Debut Skin

Hey all,

As some of you may know I now have my own business. I've been so busy working on clients websites and applications it is taking me forever to get my own online presence set up. As a result I've been unable to make available an administrative skin and optional MOD for osTicket that I've created.

The skin I have created is 100% CSS and images. There are no required changes to your files in order for the skin to work. If you decide you want to implement the optional MOD it will allow for staff and admins to set a global skin or individual skins per staff member. Please see the below pics.





Skin (optional MOD included) is available for purchase for $10.00 (US). Eventually I will make it available through my companies online store but that will have to wait until I have time to get my website further fleshed out in the coming months. As mentioned this is a 100% CSS and image skin so there is no messing around with your files already in place unless you wish to also implement the optional MOD.

Thank you and I look forward to your comments & questions.

Note*: Images here aren't very crisp as a result of downsizing them to fit into the thread.


  • Only allowed 4 images per post so needed a second post to include the actual ticket page:

  • Hey,

    can you upload&share the CSS an the icons, please?
  • realn3rd;28724 said:

    can you upload&share the CSS an the icons, please?
    This is a commercial skin and can be purchased for $10. In order to purchase please use (for now) the donate button on and in the "Purpose" field simply note something to the effect of "120 CannonFire Skin"
  • V1.7

    Hi does the $10 template work on V1.7?

    Also I assume the template changes client side, staff panel and admin panel from the osticket default look.

    This is what I want for 1.7.
  • me too - I'd like that as well.
  • southside;40682 said:
    Hi does the $10 template work on V1.7?

    Not yet but I've got a start on one for 1.7 which will include client, staff, and admin panel and the price will be reduced to just $2! I hope to have it out in the next few weeks.
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