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Is any way to send an automatic email to admin or colaborators based on who replied the ticket?


I'm just instaled and configured Osticket RC4, and all works like a charm, but, i don't get any form to do "my own" Automatic Alert, i got the mailing working just perfect, but, in this sistem, there is 4 agents who have to say no or yes to a submit, i just used canned responses, and personal sign, so the sistem admin, gets 4 responses of yes or no in any submit.

But, he gets a lot of emails so, he need to get an email just after that 4 responses, i can't make it either via Alerts or Ticket filters, if you need any data just ask, 

Thanks in advance.


  • Maybe it's possible with ticket filters, but I guess not. I recommend to try / have a look with the ticket filters and maybe it's working with them.
  • i've tried to put 4 non-visible choices box, one per agent w/ the option, aproved and dis-aproved, then, i make ticket filters like this "if all choices box equals to aproved, then move the ticket from aproval to manofact. and make the admin (as a user) the asigned agent" so if that works, in the assignment, osticket have to send a email to the admin.

    But if i enter and edit the ticket, agent per agent, or as a admin, and select in that choices box "aproved" in all of them, nothing happens, there is no change from aproval to manofact, and of course no email to admin.
  • I believe that the ticket filters works on the submit when the ticket it's created, so a later edit of the ticket dont trigger the ticket filters.
  • I believe that the ticket filters works on the submit when the ticket it's created, so a later edit of the ticket dont trigger the ticket filters.
    I make this mod onto postReply in class.ticket.php

    "          $tid = .$this->getId().;
               $respuestas = mysql_query("SELECT Count( ticket_id ) FROM `ost_ticket_thread` WHERE ticket_id = '$tid' ");
               if ($respuestas > 7) {
    But don't work, just get a blank SCP and osticket page.
  • I am not aware of any way to do what you are asking using the ui.
  • And maybe, you can put on a new version a internal task to tickets filters, in order to activate on a edit and not only in the ticket submit?
  • I'm sorry but I have no idea what your actually asking for, or what you envision the use case to be.
    If your talking about ticket work flow, there is a feature coming that introduces altering or attaching tasks to tickets which need to all be completed in order for the ticket to be "concluded".  Is that what you mean?

    If your still talking about adding email collaborators you can just go to the ticket and add people.
  • In order to resolve this problem (they need and "automatic" response), i've tried via ticket filters, so i have 4 diferent persons that they have to say yes or no to a ticket, when everone says yes, a mail has to be sended to the sistem admin indicating that the all 4 answers are yes, via ticket filters i tried this:

    - Make a choices field (Visible only in the scp) with the options yes and no.
    - Make a ticket filter, if all the 4 fields says yes, then move the ticket from aproval to manufactory, and auto-assign to admin user, so he will recieve an email indicating that the ticket it's on manufactory (that equals to the 4 yes answers).

    But, if the 4 peoples edit the ticket via scp, and fill the 4 choices options (i've tried, one at time, or all the four via the admin system user), then nothing happens, i believe that the ticket filters only aplies on a ticket submit, and not on a ticket edit via the scp, i'm correct, or theres something that i'm doing wrong?
  • It is my understanding that ticket filters are triggered upon ticket creation.
  • So there is no way to make ticket filters for a ticket edition?
  • ticket edition?
  • I mean, if we can make that the ticket filter read the changes upon a "edit" of the ticket, from an agent via scp.
  • I dont think so.
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