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General staff member to view or reopen their own closed tickets?

Hi, I've been trying to find whether or not a general staff member or even manager level staff can view and/or reopen tickets that they have closed?


  • Anyone that has access to a ticket can reopen it.
    The opener (aka owner) can also re-open their ticket by replying to the emails.
  • Thanks, but I should probably have been more specific. The user cannot see the closed tickets in their staff panel and I have to reopen them if needed. No tickets that they have closed show up in the list in other words.

    Thanks, Mark
  • Users can always see their tickets even if they are closed.  Users are not staff.  Users do not have access to the Staff panel.

    The only time a STAFF cannot see a ticket is if they no longer have access to it (due to closing it and it not being in a department that they have access to).
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