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User Pravilidge

DEar All this is the first time i use OS Ticket i need to make user privileged like i want to make this software global i have 4 branch

i need  to make group in this group user and a leader can see this user and i need to make another group in this group user and a leader but between this 2  group can`t see them all group is  a single  can you help me or provide me help sheet privileged

and i have another question i need to close when the client make ticket from customer portal i revived massage to admin email i need to close that i need to  system send mail to the client only by ticket details but not send email to email admin 

thanks so much


  • This is painful to read.  Hope someone can understand it.

  • I have no idea what you are trying to ask, since you did not actually ask anything.

    I would probably recommend that you setup a department for each branch.
    Each department can have it's own staff, and manager.
  • first thanks for you r replay i will ask again

    i have 3 branches Egypt and kuwait and lebanon

    in egypt i have 3 agent and teamleader

    and in kuwait i have 3 agent and teamleader

    and in lebanon i have i have 3 agent and teamleader

    i need to make privileged for each  country for egypt and kuwait and lebanon

    i need egypt tickets access by egypt team only and also kuwait and lebanon 

    and i need in egypt user ticket private i need 3 agent in egypt didnt see tickets our self but the leader of egypt can see all tickets of egypt and also lebanon and kuwait got it gays :)
  • any one here gays :)
  • I'm not seeing a question to answer.
  • You've told us what you want to do. If you need it done for you, I'm sure that's available for a fee.

    If you want to do this yourself, then try it, then ask specific questions.

  • okay i need to know what is The difference between Teams and Department and Group
  • A department is a department.  It is a logical grouping ... ie if you work in Billing you would be in the Billing Department.

    A group is a "security group" that controls a individuals or "group" of individuals access to the ticket system.

    A team is a collective of people who may work on the same type of issues that are not necessarily in the same department.
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