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Apache 2.4 problem with OsTicket 1.6 rc 5

    I know OsTicket 1.6 release has become obsoleted, but we have customized a lot this old version and changing it could be quite expensive.
This said, we always had Apache 2.2 on windows and PHP 5.2 to make run OsTicket.
These days I'm trying to migrate Apache 2.2 to 2.4 to overcome some problems with TLS but I'm having some problems.
Infact I cannot understand why /scp/login.php is shown as PHP code, while other PHP pages are rendered the right way by the browser.
What do you think about it?
Thanks in advance,
Best Regards.


  • Sounds like a Apache misconfiguration to me.
    More specifically it sounds like you have an .htaccess misbehaving or are missing something.  Generally speaking if Apache isn't configured to handle PHP it presents it as plain text.  You may have a handler not setup for .php.
  • Agree. Make sure to probably configure apache so that PHP files are handled correctly. So I guess any search engine should help you with this issue ;)
  • thanks... Sounds not obvious however.
    Now the behaviour happens only with I.E. as browser, not with Firefox and Chrome!
  • "Sounds not obvious however."

    Not sure I follow you.  I personally find it perfectly obvious that a web server needs to be setup to handle PHP files if you want to serve PHP files.  But then I've also lost track of how many web servers I have setup over the years.

    "Now the behaviour happens only with I.E. as browser, not with Firefox and Chrome!"

    That doesn't make any sense to me. (unless you need to clear your cache on your browsers because your loading a cached page.)
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