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osTicket v1.10 (stable) and Maintenance Release v1.9.15 are now available! Go get it now

URL Of admin login?


I installed Osticket fine then I had to close the link at the bottom on the sucsessful install page.

I need the link to it, would it be something like or something? Because I really need to start this, thanks

EDIT: Just found it in my history. But I keep on trying to access it and sometimes it comes up with:
The website cannot display the page
HTTP 500
Most likely causes:
The website is under maintenance.
The website has a programming error.

What you can try:
Refresh the page.

Go back to the previous page.

More information

This error (HTTP 500 Internal Server Error) means that the website you are visiting had a server problem which prevented the webpage from displaying.

For more information about HTTP errors, see Help.

I sometimes see the login screen and when I log in I get the error, and I've only got into the admin panel once

Is there any way to stop this?



  • Thanks for that.

    Please can you help me with the edit?

  • CPN;3117 said:
    Thanks for that.

    Please can you help me with the edit?

    -What version of osTicket are you using?
    -What's your MySQL version?
    -What's your PHP Version?
    -What host do you use?
  • -What version of osTicket are you using? - osTicket v1.6 RC4
    -What's your MySQL version? - 5.0.45-community
    -What's your PHP Version? - 5.2.4
    -What host do you use? -

    Everything else works fine, it's just the admin login.

  • Do me a favor and PM me a page with your phpinfo on it.
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