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Multi-file upload

I'm using osticket v1.9.2 and this version does not support multi-file upload. I know that in the coming version v1.9.4, multi-file upload will be supported. Before this version is released, any work-around solution can I make use of.

I know that the user can upload the 2nd file by posting a reply. But the user must type something in the reply.


  • I do not see a question.
    Also multi-file upload has been supported since ... 1.6 or was it 1.7?
  • Thank you ntozier.

    You said "multi-file upload has been supported since ... 1.6 or was it 1.7?". By multi-file upload, I mean to attach more than one file in a single reply. In the version v1.9.2, the one that we are using now, we have checked this feature is not supported.

    We know that a user can upload the 2nd file by posting a reply. But he must type something in the "Post a Reply" box. Do we have any work-around solution?

  • "we have checked this feature is not supported."
    This is not true.  I have a production box running that allows multiple file uploads on ticket open.
    I have a 1.9.4rc4 test box that does also.

    Q: Do we have any work-around solution?
    A: Yes, attach more then one file when you open the ticket.

    I suspect that perhaps you need to change your settings.  So I would recommend that you check them.
    PHP's max_file_uploads on your server can limit the number of files, and osTicket also limits the number based on your settings.  Check your php.ini (and if you edit it restart your webserver software).  Check you settings in osTicket.  In 1.9.4rc# it's at: Admin panel -> Settings -> Tickets -? Ticket Attachment Settings.  Also remember that PHP won't let you upload multiple files if the combined file sizes exceed the allowed amount specified in upload_max_filesize and post_max_size.

    helpful URLS:

  • Thanks a lot, ntozier.

    In my php.ini file,

    max_file_uploads = 20

    upload_max_filesize = 512M

    post_max_size = 700M.

    Under Admin panel -> Settings -> Tickets -? Ticket Attachment Settings,

    "Enables attachments on tickets, regardless of channel" is checked.

    Maximum File Size: 512MB

    Restrict by File Type: No restrictions

    Additional File Type Filters: <EMPTY>

    Maximum Files: 20

    Even I have made the above settings, I still cannot attach more than 1 file in a single reply. May be I don't know the steps to attach more than 1 file.

    I have tried to drag and drop the files on the "Post a Reply" box or on the area labelled "Drop files here or ", it doesn't work. I have also tried

    1. Click the "Browse" button and select a file. The file name will be shown beside the "Browse" button.

    2. To attach a 2nd file, I click the "Browse" button again and select the 2nd file.

    3. The name of the 2nd file is shown but the name of the 1st file disappear.

    I think this procedure is wrong? Could you pls tell me the correct approach?


    Thank you very much!


  • Hi Everybody,

    I don't know if I should ask in this discussion, but I search how can I select many files at time when you have clic on "Browser" , I mean as in gmail attachment for exemple when you clic "CTRL+Select files" so the result you have is "file 1; file2;file 3...".

    Thank you in advance for your help.
  • @java2dev
    Please don't warm up (c)old threads and instead start a new one.
    Regarding your question: You can easily drag&drop multiple files in the latest version of osTicket (currently 1.9.12).

    Closing this discussion here since it's nearly a year old.
This discussion has been closed.