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Email responses from customers don't show up in the ticket history..??

I just started using osTicket a couple of months ago and I'm liking it a lot, however, there's one thing causing an issue for me.  I'm hoping I've just missed a setting or something somewhere.

I get a new ticket and I get a notification.  I log in to handle it, and I'm able to respond from within that ticket which does send an email to the person with my response.  When they reply to that email, though, it just comes back to my regular email address directly and does not show up in the ticket history unless the other user specifically logs in and responds that way.  If they just hit reply to the email, though, I get the email to my inbox, but those details don't show up in the ticket unless I copy/paste.  

Any way for the email responses from people to automatically show up in the ticket, or any way to force them to actually sign in and respond through the ticket instead of using email reply?  

Any information on this would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!


  • It sounds like:
    A. you have the reply to (sent from address) as your own, or they are sending it to you instead.
    B. or that you haven't setup email for the from address.
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