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Agent Collision Avoidance

Hi all,

I am new to this awesome and user-friendly osTicket application. I am using v1.8.1.2 osTicket version. I know that one of the features that is provided for this application is Agent Collision Avoidance where we can block other staff members to reply in order to prevent any duplicate reply.

I would like to ask how to block other staff members from replying other ticket? I can't find any button or link that can block staff members. Please advice me. Thanks in advance.



  • is kinda old at this point.
    You can have agents lock a ticket by settings: Admin panel -> Settings -> Tickets -> Ticket Auto-lock Time.

    If a ticket is not currently locked then anyone who can see it can reply to it.
  • edited October 2014

    Hi, @ntozier. Thank you for the reply.

    I have done the setting for 'Ticket Auto-lock Time : 3minutes'. However, I'm still able to reply on the ticket even though the ticket is not assigned to me after 3 minutes.

    Is it suppose the ticket to be locked and other staff members except assigned staff are not allowed to reply after 3 minutes?? 


  • hi, anyone has any idea on this?
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