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Custom Subject


is there a way(mod,plugin,options,.....) to attach a custom Subject to a specific user company(organisation) so that only that company(organisation) see the special subject for only the users in that company?
because as far i understand the custom Subject system now is only for agents and not for the users?

so a example i have 5 subjects A, B, C, D, E and i have let us say 2 companys i want that company 1 can see A,B,E and company 2 A, C, D

i hope that this clear.


  • Every ticket has a custom Subject?  It's a text field.

    But I think based on your example, no there is not one to my knowledge.
  • thx for your reaction.
    i have seen that my description of my field is not 100% correct its the help subject.
    in attachment a screen shot of the help subjects in the example

    version in attachment as well.

    i have found a solution but its not really what i was looking for.
    you can filter on the subject of the ticked but than i have to make agreements with the organization.
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