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Custom Status


After custom ticket statuses has been created still on staff response , we can see only default status which Open and Resolved, how do we change ticket status to those custom status


  • 1.8 does not offer custom ticket statuses.  That feature was added in 1.9.4 and I'm not even sure that its fully implemented yet since it came out... yesterday.
  • Hello,

    Yes I got the script updated yesterday as the release came for 1.9.4 and cant find that function. Is that really working or need to be fixed ?
  • In 1.9.4
    Admin panel -> Manage -> Lists -> Ticket Status

    I have just added my own custom status.
    I have changed a ticket to that status.
    I have changed a ticket to open, and closed.

    Looks like it works fine to me.
  • Hello,

    Yes those existing status works during response to a ticket but custom like I had created a custom status as * In Progress, Awating Staff but those are not seen during response to a tickets
  • Perhaps you should outline every step that you took to create the custom status, and replicate your issue.
    Because it works fine for me.
  • I have done this and was able to add those custom

    In 1.9.4
    Admin panel -> Manage -> Lists -> Ticket Status

    But at or during ticket updating I cant see those custom but only
  • @vladimir - did you configure the new statuses? Click "Config" button and select appropriate state for the status.
  • Hi Peter,

    You resolved the issue, I did not set config for the status to be changed to Open or Closed depending on the meaning of the status.

    Once again thanks
  • Hi, Not sure where to put this issue, but I guess here is ok.

    We often use list for multiple reasons, but as I wanted to modify some of the items in a custom list, I just realized that, when going to admin/manage/list and I click on the list I want to modify I cant see the items any more! Thus cant modifiy them anymore!! Here is what I can see::

    Custom List

    Update custom list

    Custom lists are used to provide drop-down lists for custom forms
    Name: *
    Plural Name:
    Sort Order:                                 Alphabetical                                 Alphabetical (Reversed)                                 Manually Sorted                                 

    Thats the only portion of that panel I can view now, but previously I could see the items. I've checked in the logs and the only related error I could find was db error pointing that a missing colunm. But in any given the tickets I can still select all the items in all the list! I also tryed to create a new list, with same behavior. I tryied to recreated the same list, then use it and dekete the old one, again same behavior.

    Any idea on how to correct this problem??

  • @BigDan please start your own thread if you have a question.
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