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Need to check body for ticket ID

I work with eBay, and one thing i have noticed is that the reply subject tends to be whatever eBay wants, they get rid of any notion of a ticket id.

Is there any way I can set up the system to determine if a new ticket should be created based on having the ticket id inserted above the end tag for ebay or in the subject line for normal tickets.


To: So and so
From: Me
Subject: Your ebay item blah blah blah

This is an example email

[Ticket id]
----do not remove----

Im running osTicket 1.6.0 Stable on a raspberry Pi running raspberrian linux with great success
Mail Sending: SMTP
Mail Fetching/Receiving: IMAP
PHP version: 5.4.4-4

Any help is greatly appreciated.


  • Was there ever a solution you came up for this? I am facing the same problem and would love for it to work. Thanks!
  • I am using OsTicket (current develop-next tip, so basically 1.10RC2+) with ebay successfully. My modifications are here:

    What this does:
    - If a message contains the "Ebay Referenznummer", it will be appended to any answer, so ebay can assign the mail to the correct message
    - If a mail comes in from an existing ebay user with a ticket newer than two weeks, the messages is attached to the existing ticket instead of creating a new one

    This only works with the GERMAN, but the modifications are simple for other market places.
    have fun
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