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Roadmap for future Releases

Especially with Open Source Programs, it is common to have a roadmap showing the possible release dates, and updating these from time to time. OSTicket unfortunately does not provide this, and I was hoping if you could start it. In 2009 it was stated that 1.7 would be released soon, then again in 2011, then again in early 2012.

It would be really great if you could give a list such as:

1.7 R3 - September 2012
1.7 R4 - October 2012
1.7 R5 - December 2012
1.7 Final - January 2013

1.8 Alpha - November 2012
1.8 Beta 1 - October 2012
1.8 R1 - January 2013

2.0 Alpha - October 2013
2.0 Beta - November 2013

Of course you should post at least monthly updates on how you are keeping on track with the roadmap and adjust it for changes. Joomla does this VERY well, but of course they are a billion times larger than OSTicket.

This would reduce frustration with users and also make it MUCH easier for future users to decide if it is worth installing 1.6 now, or if they should wait another month. There is no point in training people to use a version that will be replaced in a weeks time, just because we had no way of knowing when a release would happen.

Thanks, and I hope you agree with me on this.



  • If there was a +1 for these forums I'd use it. I like this idea.
  • Why joomla

    I like your idea... can you explain why you prefer joomla. Is there any good reason for that.
  • Good idea. I'm for it.
  • khan;29864 said:
    I like your idea... can you explain why you prefer joomla. Is there any good reason for that.
    I didn't take that to be an endorsement of Joomla. I took it as a endorsement for the way their dev community handles communication [specifically their projected release cycle] with the public.
  • 1.8 release?

    Any word on when 1.8 will be released or available?
  • 1.7ST hasn't been released yet, so I'm not sure why you're asking about 1.8.
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