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A Mod to bookmark diffrent "Advanced Ticket Search".

id'like to find how to save my advanced ticket search and i found this discussion.

February 9 in Mods and Customizations FlagQuote
I often use the same "Advanced Ticket Search" parameters. 
So it would be nice to have the possibility to save som "Advanced Ticket Seraches". with the ability to recall them from the Tickets-Submenu.
Does anyone allready have a mod like that?

the answer was :
February 9 Flag
We've planning on adding ability to define custom queues (e.g Open)  as well as sub-filters (Open in X department). You'll also be able to save Search Results as well as define columns to show per view.

No ETA on when the feature will rolled-out.

Do you have more information about this possiblility to save "advanced ticket Search" ?



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