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how to change http access into https in osticket

hello i'm new with this osticket but what I want is to implement using https instead of http. 
Can someone give the steps and the location of the .htaccess. I tried to search it but it gives and output of many directories.

what are the steps need to change from the osticket that I can attained to change it to https. Anyone will walk me through? thanks, by the way my osticket is running in Ubuntu


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    Since you didn't provide specifics on which web server you're running, it's hard to give specific answers--but this is not an osTicket issue or question. Please check the documentation for your web server, and look at how it is configured. The .htaccess file may not do anything at all, or it may do exactly what you want--depending on the server and its configuration.

    Apache can do this via a redirect rule.  You should be able to find examples via Google.  If your web server is configured to allow the .htaccess to work in the main osTicket directory (based on your email, that would apparently be /var/www/osticket/), then I'd suggest putting it there.  Or, put it into your httpd.conf file (if Apache) or a directory that holds "include" files (like a conf.d directory). That would will require a web server restart, whereas the .htaccess file should not.

  • hi Jack, thanks for the response. i did install the osticket in plain ubuntu and downloaded the osticket and installed it by default. I had checked it now and yes its running on apache2. Any steps that I can manage to achieve changing the default http access into https? i'm newbee in the osticket. although i had search online and tried some responses from other users that they had manage to change it but it didn't work from my end. Will you be able to give the steps where to modify the http access?
  • No. This is an apache question, and you need to understand what you're doing with apache rather than having someone spoon feed you the steps.  That's more than this osTicket forum can provide.

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    And by the way, I'm not trying to make this difficult. The "steps" are so dependent on your setup, it's completely impossible to give them to you.  There are often many right ways to do something, but even more wrong ways. ;)  For example, if your AllowOverride directive is not set appropriately in either the default config or in any virtual host config, then .htaccess is completely useless. That's why I encourage you to learn more about Apache rather than following someone's recipe that you don't understand.

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