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Question re Answered Ticket logic

Hi all,
Something about Answered Tickets logic is escaping me, so hoping to get some help.
As I understand it, if a ticket has had a reply posted, it is considered "answered" and the field "IsAnswered" is set to "Yes".
Is this correct? If so, I'm very confused because I have tickets that have replies posted by support staff that are still showing IsAnswered = No
I'm running osTicket v1.6ST
Can anyone shed any light on this?


  • I'm also confused by this.  I don't understand what 'Answered Tickets' actually are.  I have many tickets that I have replied to but only some show up under 'Answered'. 

    Can anybody shed light on this or point me to the documentation that explicitly states what this feature is.
  • 1.6 is ancient and no longer supported.  I would recommend that you upgrade.
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