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Action: Mark answered

Has anyone made a MOD to add another option to the Actions list of a ticket to mark as answered without sending a response.

I have a few tickets are are always marked as unanswered due to the person replying to a ticket saying something like "thanks" and until I respond again it will stay that way :mad:



  • The request is a little bit old, but I have made a mod for 1.7 implementing a action button for setting ticket as answered.

    in include\staff\ search for
    <a id=\"ticket-print\" class=\"action-button\"

    insert BEFORE this line
    if(!$ticket->isAnswered()) {?>
    <a id=\"action-answered\" class=\"action-button\" href=\"tickets.php?id=<?php echo $ticket->getId(); ?>&a=process&do=answered\">Mark answered</a>


    in scp\tickets.php search for
    $inc = '';
    if($ticket) {

    add below
    	if($_REQUEST['a']=='process' && $_REQUEST['do']=='answered')
    $dept = $ticket->getDept();
    if(!$dept || !in_array($dept->id,$thisstaff->getDepts())) {
    $errors['err']='Access denied. Ask admin to get permissions to mark tickets answered';
    } elseif($ticket->markAnswered()) {
    $msg='Ticket marked answered';
    } else {
    $errors['err']='Error marking ticket as answered';
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