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osTicket v1.10 (stable) and Maintenance Release v1.9.15 are now available! Go get it now

i am on version 1.6 ST i believe.

i had a former employee install this onto one of our servers, and no one has maintained it.

and the performance has slowed. i had some of our infra team familiar with mySQL look and it seems there were database issues as well as issuesw with the office 365 mail accounts linked to it.

but it is still randomly slow. do you suggest an upgrade?

i like the product and am just looking for some support on how to increase speed. 

Please advise. Thank you

Wendell Vicente


  • We don't know what you're running this on, so it's hard to guess what the problem might be.

    Upgrading to a supported version would be good, but it may not speed things up.

  • As a side note, 1.6 isn't supported anymore because its ancient. :)
  • Also hanging into this here...

    A) When you're still using the osTicket 1.6, you should consider an upgrade and provide more info as JackRogers mentioned.

    B) When you're NOT really using the osTicket 1.6 anymore, but want to use it again, I would recommend to set up a fresh installation instead of an upgrade.
  • thanks for the suggestions guys and sorry for not having the information i had one of my infra guys help with the  questions:

    • PHP Error log entries or displayed errors. (you of course may remove any identifying information)
      • There are no displayed PHP errors.  The symptom is slow traffic.  There are no errors in the PHP error logs
    • Mail Sending: phpMail functions or SMTP
      • SMTP
    • Mail Fetching/Receiving: IMAP or POP and Server version
      • POP
    • PHP version
      • 5.2
    • Operating System
      • Ubuntu 8.04.04 Hardy (woh, we’re on an old Ubuntu here)
    • Client or Staff side of the UI
      • Staff side? Both?
    • the location - the url or what your clicking on that is causing the problem.
      • All locations

     again, any help is appreciated. thanks in advance.

  • Thanks for the detailed answer.

    Can you provide more info about the server then just the operating system (which is really old). Maybe the system is meanwhile too old or has too many tickets in the database, so that when a specific query is executed it slows down.

    Anyway I would recommend to consider an upgrade or a fresh installation (when possible) of the latest osTicket version, since osTicket evolved in the meantime and 1.6 ST is not supported anymore as ntozier mentioned above.
  • Agreed. But I was hoping to get some info on the actual hardware that it's running on (although not being a hardware guy, it wouldn't tell ME much).  It's possible he doesn't have enough CPU or RAM.

    Also, the current osTicket version requires PHP 5.3.  It is probably not even available for Ubuntu 8.04.

  • thanks for answers both.

    the main problem is that we show slow performance just navigating through screens , whether it is logging on or off, selecting a ticket, or actioning a ticket.

    we have cleared out old tickets and it has helped some and infra did some other mods related to the mailboxes but it is still rather slow.

    so if the version is old as well as the hardware how would the cpu or memory affect it?

    let me see if i can get more specs on the hardware.

    thank you.
  • It goes with out saying that the more the hardware is doing (ie the bigger the database, etc) the slower that it will be over time as more resources are required.  Could it be that you just need to optimize your databases? (I doubt it, but its a thought.)
  • I think you need to work with your "infra guys" to fix this. You need to upgrade, but your current system is not compatible with the current version of osTicket.

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