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[resolved] Custom url as defaultpage

How wo i change the default url i want to use a custom url.
Thanks !


  • Seems like we went through this before...

    You want a custom URL, or a custom page?

  • I want a custom url without /osticket/scp
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  • The answer to your question doesn't appear to be an osTicket related one.
    You would configure your webserver to use your "custom url".
    Then you would go to Admin panel -> Settings -> and set your Helpdesk URL.

    Your site would then be accessible via http://HelpDeskURL.
    Staff would acess the site via http://HelpDeskURL/scp.

  • @ntozier
    Thanks, I couldn't remember if there was a configuration setting for the URL.

    I know from experience that the URL (directory name) can be whatever you want.  And if you move it to another directory, you should first change the URL in the settings to reflect the new location, then move (or rename) the osTicket directory. Doing this out of order may give you trouble.

  • thanks jack!

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