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Attachments Bug

I entered .* for my accepted attachments.
I can upload any attachments as long as the file extension is not upper case.

picture.jpg <---- Works
picture.JPG <---- Does not work

How can I fix it so that it will accept upper and lower case file extensions.


  • Does anyone else have this problem or is it a problem with my server setup?
  • This is not a bug since i cannot reproduce your trouble and attachments are working well.


    Could you please take a look into your PHP error.log (normally at php\error folder)?
  • Thank you. I will look into my server configuration.
  • Attachment

    Ive been finding a lot of drivers, modules, and updated package files posted on the forum, which are difficult, if not impossible to find elsewhere.
    When the attachment bug is fixed, will all the previously posted attachments be available once again?

    Thank you,
    к стате для оптимизации компа
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