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imap error- tried everything?

Hi all,
I've tried everything to get the POP3/IMAP to work, but "no go"...
I just keep getting the error "php must be compiled w. IMAP...blabla" - when I KNOW for a fact that it is ENABLED... i double checked with two different accounts- one which is even hosted on the same virtual server as the osTicket and another gmail account and everything worked just fine... is there maybe something i need to edit in the config. or...?
Please ANY help would be most appreciated...!
Thanks in advance!


  • my bad... sry...

    as it turns out, even though my virtual host has the IMAP support enabled by default- id does not expand to subdomains by default...
    when moved the install folder to main domain... all good...

  • Back Again... :(

    hmm... it now seems that i got the error message dealt with, however it does not fetch mail...
    any ideas?
  • Someone indicated its a known issue and is being work on. :)
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