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Upgrade link is not found in admin scp

I have searched at my server. i don't have the upgrade button link on my admin panel. Is there any other way for starting upgrade?


  • Thank you for your kind information. I am actually in 1.6.0. I can't lauch an upgrade. is there any other way to launch it?
  • There is no, never has been an "upgrade link" in osT.

    Upgrading instructions can be found here (scroll down to Upgrading):

    An article I wrote (the numbers have changed but the general steps haven't changed)
  • I hope someone else can answer that one. My experience with osTicket only goes back as far as 1.9.2.  I've never seen an "Upgrade" button.

    Have you seen the wiki, specifically the part that pertains to upgrades?  It says explicitly that 1.6 can be upgraded.

  •  One more thing: Be sure your system meets the minimum requirements for the version you are upgrading to. For example, your PHP must be 5.3 or later.

  • yes! My Server is most compatible to upgrade. But unfortuantly the coudn't find the actually upgrade link on  the admin panal
  • Did the upgrade procedures in the wiki answer your question?

  • No! Sorry. 
  • I repeat: There is no upgrade link.
    You should follow the instructions that I linked you to upgrade your installation.

  • Thank you ntozier
  • You're very welcome.
  • Hello ntozier,
    I am back after the trial of upgrade steps you sent. I am advanced very well. Because i don't have any fatal error.  But I am not really sure that my upgrade process is got completed. Because it's showing repeatedly this page with an alert messge on the header of the page. Here is that below:

  • i have got the error msg as well. 

    "Error occured, Aborting, Something went wrong"
  • is there any solution to get out this loop?
  • Please check you PHP error log and see if anything is being logged.
  • Excuse me for the late reply, my project was paused in the vacation holidays. 

    i have found this from system error logs which is dated today after the first upgrade triel.

    DB Error #1054

    [SELECT id, `key`, value, `updated` FROM ost_config WHERE `namespace` = 'staff.71139'] Unknown column 'key' in 'field list'

    ---- Backtrace ----
    #0 C:\wamp\www\osticket_1.6.0\include\mysqli.php(177): osTicket->logDBError('DB Error #1054', '[SELECT id, `ke...')
    #1 C:\wamp\www\osticket_1.6.0\include\class.config.php(46): db_query('SELECT id, `key...')
    #2 C:\wamp\www\osticket_1.6.0\include\class.staff.php(70): Config->Config('staff.71139')
    #3 C:\wamp\www\osticket_1.6.0\include\class.staff.php(39): Staff->load('Deva')
    #4 C:\wamp\www\osticket_1.6.0\include\class.usersession.php(165): Staff->Staff('Deva')
    #5 C:\wamp\www\osticket_1.6.0\include\class.auth.php(513): StaffSession->__construct('Deva')
    #6 C:\wamp\www\osticket_1.6.0\include\class.auth.php(487): StaffAuthenticationBackend->validate('Deva')
    #7 C:\wamp\www\osticket_1.6.0\scp\ StaffAuthenticationBackend::getUser()
    #8 C:\wamp\www\osticket_1.6.0\scp\ require('C:\\wamp\\www\\ost...')
    #9 C:\wamp\www\osticket_1.6.0\scp\logs.php(16): require('C:\\wamp\\www\\ost...')
    #10 {main}

    Log Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2015 15:02 IP Address: ::1
  • Can anybody help to find out a solution for this error? i may not get the exact system error logs. Can you help me to find the error_log file ?
  • Thanks again,I am newbegin to OS_ticket. I have a some news, i found the  error log in the admin panal.

    here is my first error

    [SELECT id, `key`, value, `updated` FROM ost_config WHERE `namespace` = 'staff.1'] Unknown column 'key' in 'field list'

    ---- Backtrace ----
    #0 C:\wamp\www\ost_upgrade\include\mysqli.php(177): osTicket->logDBError('DB Error #1054', '[SELECT id, `ke...')
    #1 C:\wamp\www\ost_upgrade\include\class.config.php(46): db_query('SELECT id, `key...')
    #2 C:\wamp\www\ost_upgrade\include\class.staff.php(70): Config->Config('staff.1')
    #3 C:\wamp\www\ost_upgrade\include\class.staff.php(39): Staff->load('deva')
    #4 C:\wamp\www\ost_upgrade\include\class.usersession.php(165): Staff->Staff('deva')
    #5 C:\wamp\www\ost_upgrade\include\class.auth.php(513): StaffSession->__construct('deva')
    #6 C:\wamp\www\ost_upgrade\include\class.auth.php(487): StaffAuthenticationBackend->validate('deva')
    #7 C:\wamp\www\ost_upgrade\scp\ StaffAuthenticationBackend::getUser()
    #8 C:\wamp\www\ost_upgrade\scp\ require('C:\\wamp\\www\\ost...')
    #9 C:\wamp\www\ost_upgrade\scp\logs.php(16): require('C:\\wamp\\www\\ost...')
    #10 {main}
  • this is the screen shot after the first triel.

    some patches are succed to install. the rest of the patches have got some errors. 
  • Is there rescue rangers?
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