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Auto assign help topic

Hi, I am in this scenario:
I have a small non-profit hosting site and I allow users to file a support ticket via the contact form.
The users should not (never) file a support ticket using the OsTicket form.

I'd love to see the following:
- possibility to assign Help Topic according to subject of mail.

But if we can take it a bit further this would be great:
- Difference between incident, problem, change and request
- Add custom fields to a type of ticket. (example: domain name)
- possibility to extract all info out of standardized e-mail to fill in complete ticket.

- Client fills in contact form.
- Form engine makes e-mail with all info in a, for OSTicket, comprehensive form
- Mail is sent to osticket
- osticket automatically makes required ticket (incident/request/change/problem)
- Osticket assigns correct group, takes correct help topic, fills in custom fields and fills in body of the message.
- osticket sends a mail to the group telling them there's a new ticket waiting for them.

Just a thought.
Would be fun.


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