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There is already a module for translation? this is an users sugestion and a team promise, since version 6.


  • +1
    please please
  • Yep! I'd like to translate it to spanish. +1 for this one.
  • it would be really nice if it has a language manager system
    so I don't need to flip thru every file when I need to translate
  • Not to be contradictory, but there there is no version 6. Do you mean version 1.6? I'm not aware of any team promise to that effect.

    I do agree that this could be a good idea though.
  • It would be a nice addition so +1 from me. I am however working on a Spanish (international) translation as I can't wait so once finished I will make all translated files available (1.7 RC4).
  • It is quite simple to add a very simple translation technique using XML files with referer.

    simple variables in the codes reading in the XML and deploy the translation files.

    The Team doesnt need to add all the language files, just need to add the english XML, and all the users will do the translation for their own language and can send the XML to the team, so, update in the language pack, something that can really be download form a permlink in the admin pannel, so, just click and it can download the pack of languagues and update the xml directory, so, system admin can choose it from.

    Team cmon, this is a very simple simple task to be done, why this doesnt come to reallity???
  • +1 here

    Its a lot of work to translate it all into Dutch
  • @filzek:

    thane wrote (imo) a pretty easy to use translation mod.

    It's also been posted to github for merging with core. As for why it hasn't made it in yet I'd say mostly because other things were deemed more important. It has been promised as a feature for 1.8 though.
  • Hi,

    I would like to translate osTicket into Romanian. Unfortunately I do not know what files I have to edit and I do not have scripting knowledge.

    If you give me some instructions I can do the job and I will be more than happy to share my work with you.

    Kind regards,
  • osTicket 1.8 is gearing up to make osTicket completely translatable. I'm working on the last pieces, including a group mailing list and a how-to guide to get translations for osTicket organized.

    What we need help on immediately is:
    • Identifying similar but different messages in the codebase that should be consolidated
    • Identifying data installed with the system (I'm calling it initial data) that needs to be pulled out into template files to make it translatable.
    Thank everyone for your enthusiasm!
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