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Trying to upgrade from 1.6RC4 to latest version



  • The only code that I could find that produces this error message was in ost-config.php:
        if(!file_exists(ROOT_PATH.'setup/install.php')) die('Error: Contact system admin.'); //Something is really wrong!
        //Invoke the installer.
        header('Location: '.ROOT_PATH.'setup/install.php');

    I don't have time right now to study this and understand it, but I think it may help. 
  • So what do you think? Willing to give this one more shot to get from 1.6ST to

    I uploaded the files replacing the files in my current 1.6ST installation then I deleted the ost-config.php file located under the /include directory. I was then able to login to the scp page and was greeted by the upgrade screen. The upgrade went right through with no errors. I created a few test tickets and all seems well. So the question I need the ost-config.php file or does use it anymore?

  • edited February 2015
    Well that's interesting and kinda weird... The config file is necessary for the database connection since the database connection info (database host and name, username, password) is stored in the config file.

    So are you really sure that there is no ost-config file anymore?! o_O

    As far as I know it can't work without it.
  • Btw. Forgot to mention its great you finally managed the upgrade! :D
    Just to be safe I recommend to take a backup, now you're on the latest version ;)
  • Hey chefkeks,

    There is an ostconfig.php file in the root of the install directory. If I remove that it breaks. I was not the original installer of this system so I don't know. The ost-sampleconfig.php is in the /include directory but that's it. Yes I did do a backup as soon as I was done :-).

    You have me a little worried about the ost file but....... I have backups of all installs.

    What do you think?
  • I think the upgrader function of the installer is buggy. I had to jump through hoops to get mine to work, and I had copied ost-config.php to ostconfig.php just for grins, based on the old wiki doc.  It may have still been there when the upgrader finally worked. I eventually removed it, because the ost-config.php is there, and is current.

    I imagine I could duplicate this, but I just don't have the time.

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