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Dutch language

Hi guys,
I did a few tests, but my host has switched off phar, so i downloaded the translation files from crowdin. The problem is, that only tips are translated, and although the dutch flag is visible in the client interface, nothing is translated. 

Tried a whole new installation with no luck.
Is there anyone out who's got the dutch translation working?

When i look in /ost-dir/scp/system.php I do not see any installed languages.

Help is appriciated. I'm running, but tried versions from 1.9.3 and up.


  • Update: My hostingprovider just got back to me stating phar files should work - but no luck so far.
  • I believe that you would actually need to unPhar the .phar files to make it work.  Something is done to bundle and release the files from crowdin that doesn't exist otherwise. [note I dont know what, and this is my opinion based on what other people have reported]
  • For anyone with the same problem: I managed to unphar through It's a home hosted site, so sometimes it's down for a while. But for me it worked like a charm.

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