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Solution suggestions

When somebody types in a problem, based on keywords they type, solutions appear that are available in the public knowledge base articles.


When somebody sends an email, they first get an reply email with solutions, based on keywords they send. With an link to activate the ticket as soon as none of the solutions that come from the same public knowledge base articles solves the problem.


  • Agree. Very important (+ some Specifications suggestions)

    this thread is only the edge of the Iceburg,
    any Support Helpdesk should be integrating with a Knowledge base...

    1. when an issue is solved (Closed) there is an option to add it as a FAQ/KB Article

    2. as stated, possiblly to include in the "Ticket Accepted" message,
    list of links to related KB Articles.

    3. in the Staff pannel, should be a powerful search in the KB

    4. Suggestion, might want to look at phpMyFAQ, for integration.

    Best day.
    Tomer W
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