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osTicket v1.10 (stable) and Maintenance Release v1.9.15 are now available! Go get it now

1.7 needs 2 little things

1. Ticket merging

2. File attachments by date (example: /upload/11_13_2012)

Ticket merging is available in 1.6 as a mod

file attachments by date is available by default in 1.6 except u have to modify 1 line of code to get the DAY. By default, only the month and year are shown.


  • and....

    nobody cares but me
  • Ticket merging isn't the only thing which needs to be looked at as part of this. Perhaps it is because of my previous employment coupled with the report writing and BI background but Ticket merging is an evil, evil thing if not used properly or for the right reasons. Many of the 'scenarios' which I am hearing merging being used for are not the same as what I would personally deem appropriate. Merging a ticket should, in my opinion, only be used if the same person raises the same issue more than once within a short period of time. If you have multiple people raising the same issue within a short period of time you'd want to implement something closer to the MOD which I uploaded, Ticket Linking. This will allow for an issue which was raised by multiple people to be connected together. This will give you an accurate count of the total number of requests you have received by help topic but will not hide or alter the real stats like merging those requests will or would.


    Scenario #1: Merging tickets

    Ticket Number requestor Topic/ Subject

    123456 John Smith Website not loading
    223456 Jane Smith MS Word Error

    Total Ticket Count: 2
    Total # of Open Tickets: 2
    Total number of Unique Issues: 2

    Scenario #2: Linking Tickets

    Ticket Number requestor Topic/ Subject

    123456 John Smith Website not loading
    --213456 Jonas Smith not working
    223456 Jane Smith MS Word Error

    Total Ticket Count: 3
    Total # of Open Tickets: 3
    Total number of Unique Issues: 2

    Both of the above Scenarios are meant to showcase the same data from the same period of time. Scenario #2 is showcasing linking rather than merging and Scenario #1 is showing what many are using merging for.

  • thanks for the reply

    I was using OST 1.6 when development appeared to be ABANDONED!

    I just tried OST 1.7 and its great, and even if it had the 2 things I wanted its unfortunately missing MANY things I see in ZD.

    I do not want to pay monthly and per seat charges but ZD really does have it all. Plugins with FB, Twitter, phone, live chat, etc, etc, etc ALL IN ONE PLACE.

    All of the big boys are using it (20th century fox, dropbox, groupon, Disney, Sony, etc, etc.

    I cant believe I will pay monthly / per seat fees but thats what it has come to.
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