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Using OSTicket with eBay - every reply becomes a new ticket


We are using multiple channels, one of which is eBay, which so far is not working great as eBay messages don't support individual headers but always come with a generic header (so any reply won't have the OSTicket ID in the header).

The situation - someone contacts us via the eBay message system, eBay sends the message to our email address, the system generates a new ticket and sends out an auto-reply. So far so good. Now the issue starts - the customer clicks on 'Reply' and sends another message VIA EBAY, this means that the resulting email being sent to us neither has the original body nor the TicketOS id in the header. The mail still comes from the same email address though as eBay generates a unique email address for the eBay user and not a generic eBay email address.

eBay btw. solves this by having a reference id within the text that needs to be quoted if you reply via email (you won't need to quote it if replied via eBay directly), so basically they moved their own ticket id from the header to the body and the number will appear in every single message (as long as you have them forwarded to an external mail account).

This seems to be a big issue. Most likely one could modify OSTicket to filter the reference id, store it in the ticket and use it to match replies but that's obviously not a standard feature of OSTicket and requires large amounts of modifications and also means one won't be able to easily upgrade to a new version. 

So is there a more simple solution to this? Is anyone using eBay with OSTicket and if so, how?




  • I am using OsTicket (current develop-next tip, so basically 1.10RC2+) with ebay successfully. My modifications are here:

    What this does:
    - If a message contains the "Ebay Referenznummer", it will be appended to any answer, so ebay can assign the mail to the correct message
    - If a mail comes in from an existing ebay user with a ticket newer than two weeks, the messages is attached to the existing ticket instead of creating a new one

    This only works with the GERMAN, but the modifications are simple for other market places.
    have fun
  • hi, I have strange problem with emails sent via OsTicket to ebay buyers. 
    buyer sent a request from my llisting
    on OsTicket I'm receiving email properly
    in OsTicket I'm sending answer and closing ticket. 
    after 10-15 minutes I'm receiving error message:
    We're sorry that we weren't able to deliver your message to To try resending this message, go to your Inbox and click reply. Make sure that you don't remove the email reference number in the message, as this may cause your message to not be delivered.

    I've spoken with eBay support - they told me - that is not their issue - they said that my ebay email has been registered and from eBay site all is OK. please speak with your email provider.
    So - I've done it. My provider confirmed that they internal logs shows that email sent out from my inbox properly and has been delivered to recipients properly also.

    any idea how can I resolve this issue?
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