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how to return osticket variable?

I am trying to integrate my customised module from ost1.6 to ost1.9                    

Can anybody tell me what is the good way replacing the code snippet in my 

include/staff/ ?

<? if(!defined('OSTSCPINC') || !is_object($thisuser) || !$thisuser->isStaff() || !is_object($nav)) die('Access Denied'); ?>



  • Can please provide more info what you are trying to achieve.

    Currently I have no idea what you really want and what the module is that you want to integrate back into 1.9.

    As a side note, the code between 1.6 and 1.9 was heavily re-written, so I don't know if it will be that easy to get your module back into ost - but hey, nothing's impossible ;)
  • edited January 2015
    i have created a chatbox along the installation of osticket system. when i open the admin panel it display a chatbox to all of my staff for their group work discussion. But 

    For running the chatbox i want to use get method to return this value in href of a  <a> tag as follow. 


    is there any idea imageto retrive these value?
  • Unfortunately I have to give up on that since I am not so deep into osTicket modifications, but my approach would be to write a standalone script / function to get the username and everything else from osTicket database directly or try to call the getUsername function somehow. But as mentioned already, I am not so deep into modifying osTicket, so just suggesting how I would try to get around with this.
  • Anyhow thank you for your suggestion. See you at next
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