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[resolved] Remote Piping

Hi Everybody:
i'm installing osticket on my webserver and we have hosted email in other server so we are trying to remote piping.
we use a job to execute "cron.php" every minute, but i'm not sure what we have to change on file?


    File to handle LOCAL cron job calls.

    Peter Rotich <>
    Copyright (c)  2006-2013 osTicket

    Released under the GNU General Public License WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY.
    See LICENSE.TXT for details.

    vim: expandtab sw=4 ts=4 sts=4:
@chdir(dirname(__FILE__).'/'); //Change dir.
// @chdir(dirname(__FILE__).'/');

if (!osTicket::is_cli())
    die(__('cron.php only supports local cron calls - use http -> api/tasks/cron'));


here is the content of the "cron.php" file, anybody have ideas?

thanks  a lot!


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