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SLA Tracking + Customer Login Option

Hello OSTicket team, I am fairly new to the program and have noticed that by default (at least without modifications) it is not possible to keep track of SLA timing (Service Level Agreements) to make sure that tickets are responded to or resolved in a timely fashion. I feel like this is extremely important as a ticketing systems entire purpose is to make communication between customer and contractor (or internal) as smooth and efficient as possible. Is there a chance that this feature may be making an appearance in the new version?

The other major short coming I feel that OSTicket has is its lack of "permanent residence" for customers who will be returning with tickets on a regular basis. I've got clients I'd like to have an account setup for where they can login and simply submit a support ticket and all other personal information is automatically pulled from their login profile. This would allow for customers to feel like they have a permanent place in our support staffs daily routine. While filling out the information each time makes them feel as though we don't remember them or care that they are a regular customer who we might have a SLA with. This would save the customer a lot of time instead of redundantly filling out the contact form. This may also cut down on errors from the customer who could potentially make a typo when submitting a ticket.

I really appreciate this project and am willing to help in any way I can. Thank you for taking the time to read and consider these updates.
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