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Can agent create a ticket with additional users/collaborators?

Server Information
osTicket Versionv1.9.4 (c18eac4)
Web Server SoftwareApache
MySQL Version5.1.73
PHP Version5.3.3

For example, we want to create a new ticket with Person A as the main "User" but copying Person B as a collaborator.
It appears that at present we have to open the ticket with Person A, and can only add a collaborator when we respond.
It means that we would not be able to put an initial response when we open the ticket - a very useful tool, thank you - as Person B would not get that.
Am I missing something?


  • Using the UI: not at this time.

    Sending email to your ticket email address: Yes, include the people you want as collaborators as CC's.
  • @ntozier when we can get the feature where a client can add the collaborators during the creation of tickets
  • @pradeep1987oct22 
    You can get it whenever you want by writing it yourself, or hiring someone to do it for you.  I certainly dont have any control over when you will get this. Also side note they can already so this when opening a ticket via email.
  • This thread is from 18 months ago, and clearly didn't get enough traction at the time to warrant the feature being written. Perhaps you can add a feature request issue on GitHub and someone might get to it.
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