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Is there a translation file or a correct way of changing the language for this app ? - It looks great and works well but I can't use it in England in Americanised English .

Im concerned that if i just change it into English then it will be overwriten on each update

TIA and thanks for a great app


  • Unfortunately there isn't any integrated internationalization features for the ticket system, so all of the changes would have to be tediously added to each of the templates.

    If you severely need the system to be translated to your native language, I would suggest just going for it. Updates don't seem to happen all too often, and if you do need to update in the future, just simply keep track of all of the files you've added translations to and compare it with the files of the update.

    If you're particularly code-savvy and don't mind a weekend project, it may be worth writing up a little regex-replacer to automatically search for words or sentences and replace them with a translation. Obviously this would still require you to manually go through each of the files and find the English words, but you would only need to run the program whenever you need to translate all of the files again.

    Edit: Just realised your problem is that the language is American-English and not English. Is it really that big of a problem? At the most you'll only need to change a few words which shouldn't really be that difficult or tedious.
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    not sure that regex would work as a few simple examples like colour and centre are used in code via the americanised spelling .
  • I meant something that would iterate over all of the script files for osTicket and overwrite any occurrences that you specify, but for your requirements something like a custom regex-replacer would be overkill; overhauling the entire plumbing to fix a leaky pipe.

    But yeah, I've only noticed a small amount of Americanized terms so it would probably be easier for you to just manually change them.
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    not sure that regex would work as a few simple examples like colour and centre are used in code via the americanised spelling .
  • no idea why double post sorry

    Problem is things like the front page which has support centre as its logo - Im unsure as to whether changing this is a breach of the licence
  • I'd think as long as you have some indication on your site that the software is powered by osTicket (I.E. inside the footer), the logo wouldn't really matter as much, especially considering it's a rather generic logo.

    Edit: Just checked, osTicket seems to be covered by the GNU Public License, which should allow you the freedom to change anything you wish.

    Coincidentally enough, I was also recently tasked with changing the "center" to "centre" and still have the image I used:


    The font isn't an exact match, but it's yours to take if you wish.
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