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How to set global default language?

Hi everyone

I´m running osticket 1.9.5, already have es_ES.phar in include/i18n and i wanted to set Spanish Language global (for admin, staff and users sections), is that posible? i know hot to set it to my profile but not globally.



  • You would have had to do that at time of install.
  • ok, thanks
  • when i installed it, there was not language packages... can i set the language without reintalling from scratch?
  • i mean the default global language. thanx
  • My understanding is that you have to do that at time of install, and that there is no way to change if afterwards with out re-installing.  Remember the Multilanguage feature is not done and ready at this time.
  • I'm on v1.9.8.1, to achieve the change of global language, follow this steps:
    1. I had a few issues trying to set it from installation sequence, so I installed English by default. 
    2. Install the language package that you prefer.
    3. Once done that it's needed to edit the database since there is no option in the admin panel to change it, the table is ost_config, key:system_language, value:es_MX (or the language you have installed)
    And that's it!
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    Worked for me too, also using es_MX!      be aware of the cache though... 
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    Hi, Did that, but the front-end still switches to english when using a browser in English. Is there any way to prevent that automatic switch based on browser language?

    Marvin M
  • Also, where can I edit the default languange, english?
  • 1. Users can set there language settings under "profile" after login. Choose a language instead of "Use Browser Preference"

    2. You will find all language files in "include/i18n/"

    Best regards,
  • It doesn't work for me.
    I changed the key 'system_language' to 'hr_HR' and I have a folder named 'hr_HR' under 'i18n' folder and still I have to change the language manually every time I visit the site.
  • Anyone?
  • @inside83: Did you try setting your "My Preferences" language to HR? The default is "Use Browser Preference", which, you can also change. 

  • @Grizly

    Almost all of our users have English language browsers.
    Is there a way to set the default language of osTicket, regardless of the browser language?

    Of course, registered users and agents set their own language, but what about unregistered users?
  • FYI: hr hasn't been finished yet:

    As for setting the default.. it should have been done on Install.. but I can't see it in mine! maybe it doesn't.. dunno. 

    You could try adding the setting "system_language", like:
    INSERT INTO `ost_config` (`id`, `namespace`, `key`, `value`, `updated`) VALUES (NULL, 'core', 'system_language', 'hr_HR', CURRENT_TIMESTAMP);

    Which should override the default:
    'system_language' => 'en_US',
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    Please take a look at my table.
  • Any joy mate? I've not tried any other language, probably should have before joining the discussion.
  • It seams that the only way to force another language (other then English) is to delete/rename /web/include/i18n/en_US folder.
    I renamed it to '_en_US' and now osTicket is shown only in Croatian ('hr_HR').

    I'll report if anything goes wrong.
  • Sweet, good to know mate cheers!
  • Actually, it's still the way it was.
    English is the default language no matter what I do.
    Is there a way to change that?
  • edited June 2016
    Is it possible that I'm the only one with this issue?
    I installed osTicket on another server for testing and i have the same issue.
  • @inside83

    My answer has not changed from Feb 2015 which reads: "My understanding is that you have to do that at time of install, and
    that there is no way to change if afterwards with out re-installing. 
    Remember the Multilanguage feature is not done and ready at this time."

    You haven't told anyone what version you are running.  Each user has language settings also that would need to be changed after they log in to their preferred language.  Guests always default to the browser language, I do not think that this is changeable on the osTicket side.
  • Sorry I thought I did write the version number.
    It's v1.9.12.

    I would not make any sense if one could not change the system language AFTER the install.
    Why would that variable be in 'ost_config' table?

    Sure, users can change language for themselves but guests always have English, unless they have their browsers in language other than English. 
  • Okay let me put it to you differently..  The multi-language feature is not done/finished/completed and most probably never be in that version [1.9.x] of osTicket.
  • i can solve it by edit this line in file, line 50. only add else statement:

    if (isset($_GET['lang']) && $_GET['lang']) {
        if (Internationalization::getLanguageInfo($_GET['lang']))
            $_SESSION['client:lang'] = $_GET['lang'];
    $_SESSION['client:lang'] = 'fa';
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