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Hidden Knowledge base?

It would be really great if we had the option to ONLY show the Knowledge base to a customer that has a ticket with us. Is this something that would be simple to create?


  • I think that a good idea could be to tag knowledge base items with tags indicating the customers that can see the items.
    In our servives KB items ere indeed general (pertinent to all customers) or more often specific to one or few customers.
  • I would rather see the Knowledge base to be disabled or enabled per user.
  • In our business, we don't want to have the KB fully accessible by just anyone. but if you have opened a ticket, or your e-mail is in a KB whitelist, that would be killer.
  • +1 !!
    We really want this.
  • Bump!!
    Anyone else?
  • I'm in for this option in OsTicket
  • Is there some other place we should be posting this? Do we know if any one from the OSTicket team has seen this thread yet? It would be great to have one of them chime in on this matter.

  • This feature is already implemented and should be in one of the next versions:
  • AWESOME!!! That's wonderful!! Now to find a way to kill the anticipation until the next version. Atari Break out on Google it is!!
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