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Running command-line-only upgrade?


We want to use deployment scripts to upgrade our osTicket installation, meaning that we want to trigger the database upgrade from the script as well. Is there a command line tool to invoke database upgrades? From what I understood, running the SQL upgrade scripts is not included in the "setup/cli/manage.php deploy" command. Is that correct?




  • Q: Is that correct?
    A: Yes.
  • Ok. Thanks for your answer.

    Is there another way to run database upgrades from the command line?

    I've tried to find threads about this subject but couldn't find any.
  • I suppose that you could.
    You would look at the include/upgrader/sql/ folder.
    You would need to determine which of the files you need to run, and then run them in order via mysql command line.
    I wouldn't recommend it though.
  • ehu, did you had lucky on this?
    I am interested on the same cli update approach, to deploy osTicket on ephemereal docker instances (using persistent volumes to store data, tough), and cli update is a must to for that to be succesful.

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