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Error when trying to set up email

I am using osTicket version 1.7.0.  I have set it up as a functioning system with a particular domain for email and have had no major problems with it.
I have a new domain with a new email system and am trying to add an email address for the new domain.  Each time I add the address it gives me the following error and subsequent message:

Invalid login. Check POP settings
TLS/SSL failure for Unexpected SSPI or certificate error 80090326 - report this

I am trying to set up the email as a POP account.  I cannot find any reference to SSPI or the certificate error.

Does anyone have any ideas on what this particular issue is?  If it has something to do with the settings of my email service, what settings should I check or what information should I give my service provider to track down the problem.

I am also trying to remove an email address which is no longer needed.  Each time I try to delete it, I get an error message that says it is associated with a department and I must remove the association.  I have changed the designated email address for that department, but the email setup won't allow me to remove the department from its settings.  It defaults to another department and gives me the same error.  Is there a way to remove the department association and delete the email address?

Thank you for your help!




  • 1.7.0 is really old.  I would urge you to upgrade.

    That being said, TLS/SSL is failing.  The reason cited for the failure is "Unexpected SSPI or certificate error".  Does your POP server require you to use SSL/TLS?

    As far as removing the address, I believe that you need to add a new one first.  Then make sure that the default setting in Admin panel 0> Settings is not set to the old one.  Then once the account is not in use anywhere you should be able to remove it.  Of course your running a really old version so this is from memory.
  • Thanks for replying, ntozier.
    As far as I know, the POP server doesn't require SSL/TLS, but that's certainly something to check into.  And I can certainly deal with the removal issue once I get the other set up and going.  I didn't realize I was dealing with such an older version.

    As to upgrading, excuse my naivety, but I inherited the osTicket system.  I wasn't involved in setting it up and am really clueless anytime I have to deal with it.  That being said, the system is used almost 24/7.  How much trouble would it be to upgrade?  Would I be looking at being down for several hours with a lot of reconfiguring to deal with or should it be able to upgrade mostly seamlessly?
  • I upgraded one of my installations last night in under ten minutes (caveat: I have done it a lot).

    Here's what I did.
    1. back up the osticket folders.
    2. back up the database.
    3. edit the database backup file to use a different database name.
    4. restore the database. (ost1951)
    5. create a new virtual host (ost1951.domain.tld)
    6. install the new files to the new virtual host folder.
    7. run the upgrader.
    8. test test test.
    9. once I was sure that things were working correctly, I shut down my vhost.  shut down the live site. and re-pointed the live vhost to the new vhost, and started the site back up.

    I did it at about 1am as that's a really slow time for my implementation as far as work load, but really its up to you.  You might want to schedule a maintenance window to do it in.

    This article is a little dated (as far as version numbers) but the basics are the same.

    If you have any specific questions please feel free to ask here.

  • Thank you so much!  I really appreciate the information.
  • Very welcome. :)
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