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Am i setuping correctly my Language Pack?

Hello people,

I have some problems installing the Greek Language pack.

The steps i follow are:

1) Download the Greek Language Pack
2) Upload the phar file in the include/i18n folder
    - In this point i thought to create a new folder "el_GR" and move there the phar file
3) I set then in the "My Preferences"page the Preferred Language to greek
4) And then in the Front-end will show up 2 flags in the right top corner

My problem is that it seems that the greek language doesn't work or isn't completed, cause i don't see anything translated.

What can i do, or which can i alter to translate this OSTicket version?

Server Information
osTicket Version v1.9.5.1 (1faad22)
Web Server Software Apache
MySQL Version 10.0.14
PHP Version 5.3.29


  • An Update:

    After all these done, i get a white-page after some minutes.
  • Just put the downloaded phar in the include/i18n folder.
    It's possible that there is a problem with that language pack.
    The multilanguage feature is not done yet.

    White pages mean that you are getting a PHP error.  Please consult your PHP error log.

  • Οk ntozier, i am looking forward for the multilanguage feature.
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