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[resolved] language not working

i have upgraded from 1.9.2 to, everything seems to work fine, but when i put a .phar file in include/i18n i get a white page. 
I have tried fr,de and it, no one work. 
There are still problems with multilanguage?
it's because i have update it and not made a clean install?

p.s. php error log is empty



  • Just out of curiosity from where did you get the language packages?

    Beside you should try to set your log level to debug, so you see what's really happening ;)
  • "include/i18n i get a white page."

    White pages generally indicate that there is a PHP error.
    I would recommend that you enable error display or check your php error log.
    Instructions on how to turn on error display are available here:

    My first guess would be that your server doesn't support .phar files.

  • There is no general problem, I did the same with the german file and it works.

  • Thank you all for the reply, 
    as i said, the php log are empty, so seems not a php error, 
    i dowloaded the language packs from
    i got phar extension enabled on my server.
    nothing on the osticket logs about the error
  • i have tried with a new install but still white pages and nothing on logs
  • ok i found out the problems.
    suhosin was blocking phar urls, but instead of show that on the php log it writes on syslog logs.
    anyway now it works thanks guys
  • Very welcome, and I'm glad that you figured out what the problem was. :)
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