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I´ve managed to port the full database to mssql.

Simply use Xampp and install osticket. Then create an empty database named ost in MSSQL (I used MSSQL2008)

Use the converter from (trial version is enough) ,
to connect between mysql and mssql and convert directly between the servers.

I´m currently in the process of changing connectors in the code.

I´ll post the results after testing.


  • Mssql script

    Ill post the sqlscript to any who want to give a look. Maybe the admins can include it in version.
  • can anyone please help install osticket with MSSQL ?
  • While we plan on supporting multiple databases - this is absolutely not how we plan on doing it. Some hardcoded queries are MYSQL specific and will be a nightmare to keep track of multiple versions of the software and databases.

    The plan is to use ORM model to make the code base database agnostic. We've already started moving in this direction and hope to have the whole code base converted early next year.
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